Zeeshan Shafee, A Social & Indian Artist Icon

Zeeshan Shafee (aka MJ Zeeshan), a freelance philanthropist with thousand dreams. The first time he realized what he wanted to become, it was the day when he started working towards his aim. He doesn’t own any NGO of his own, because according to him, we can provide better to the society if we are free from restrictions, bounds and limitations. He believes in free will, and that is why, working day and night for the needy since over 9 years. He has been rewarded with several awards for his contribution to the society, including citations of honor, and corona warriorship.

Apart from being a social influencer, he is a professional anchor, voiceover artist, freelance journalist, trainer, and a writer. Other than this, he also takes workshops to train and teach students ‘The Art of Communication.’ He has mainly worked in Nagpur, Mumbai, and Pune. Zeeshan Nadeem Shafee was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra on March 2nd 1994. He was brought up in Nagpur but completed his graduation in Mumbai. Currently, he resides in Nagpur with his family.

He was raised in a liberated and political family. His grandfather, Abdul Shafee, was an awarded politician of India. Zeeshan Shafee completed his kindergarten in his native place, Sindewahi Chandrapur. He used to live in a rented house; his parents have done a lot of sacrifices for him. Eventually, his father had to go through a few hurdles before they finally moved to Nagpur, Maharashtra.

He did his schooling from St. Johns, Nagpur. After he completed his 12th standard, he was baffled about what he wanted from life, that is why decided to test the waters. He finished his HSC from Tidke College, Nagpur. After that, he skipped a few years to explore what was veiled in him. As Zeeshan Shafee was a shy kid, he wanted to work on that limitation. After few this and that, he finally restored the inner-confidence and made a mind to help others who were going through the same.

He decided that something needed to be done for the children who lived on the street, and going to school was only a dream for them. Zeeshan Shafee and his supporters began an initiative ‘Roadside kaksha,’ They used to meet up every Sunday and teach little angels from the scratch. At a very young age, he started to host events, manage programs, and so on. He said that after reconnoitering in the blues, he finally FOUND HIMSELF.

We are living in a place, where selflessness is only a part of the dictionary. People have forgotten that, in order to give something, we have to lose a small piece of ourselves. And Zeeshan Shafee has decided to dedicate a major part of his life to the people who deserve to be happy. According to him, the only thing that matters him is ‘Humanity’ and he is trying very hard to put humanity over religion bias. He says “There are few people in the world who aren’t blessed by birth, but I want to bless their remaining lives.”

About the future, he says that, he will continue to explore and enhance his skills, and help as much people as he can in this short life. If people need something, he will always be there to hear their thoughts and needs. Finally, whenever he’s asked about his take on humanity, he says, “Doctor Bana, Engineer Bana, Hindu Bana Ya Musalmaan Par Sabse Pehle Banana Mujhe Maalik, Is Duniya me Ek Saccha aur Accha Insaan.”


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