Yanuj Sharma – A Young Indian Emerging Icon

Founder of Global Digital Solutions, Yanuj Sharma recalls his college days when he was clueless about what to do. He took various internships and found a job for himself. He worked at the company for three years, but never felt inspired about his work.

He recalled hearing about people who made money online. It was quite the tagline back then that making money online is an easy task. He came home from work and researched all night.
A relatively short amount of research led to his bubble burst. Making money was, of course, equally difficult, yet it was exactly what he wanted.

So, he joined an agency and began a first internship. Although he was now passionate about what he was doing, there were still challenges along the way. This career change turned his life upside-down. Nevertheless, he was happy. His income dropped from 40,000 per month to 3,000 per month. The working hours weren’t 10-5 anymore, but 9-6, and he had to take the bus to get to work.

With a 3000 rupee salary, none of his life goals would have been accomplished. But, if he had expertly mastered digital marketing one day, he would be able to achieve all of his dreams.

His career took off after he learned the nitty-gritty of the field, reached out to a few mentors, and got placed in a full-time position. He finally had a job he loved waking up to each morning.

Certainly, he was headed in the right direction. However, he was concerned about how fast he was going. He believed he had more potential. Therefore, he decided to start his own company- Global digital solutions.

His bank account had only 1 lakh rupees. A number of questions ran through his mind – ‘How is he going to pay his employees?’ He asked himself, “What if this startup does not work? How will he find the right teammates? ” There was only one question that stood out above the rest, “Ab risk nahi lega toh kab lega?”
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