Vivaswan Gawade – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Vivaswan Gawade is the former CEO of Techmax & digital communication advisor from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He’s known as “Viva” (Foodie Viva/Digital Viva) in the Kolhapur community.

Viva is a business consultant, strategist, brand evangelist, a social media blogger, a social media expert, and a thought leader in the field of social media. Viva believes in building businesses. Everyone known for him expertise in Facebook &Instagram marketing. Viva helps brands & businesses demonstrate high integrity & use digital marketing profitably. Among them are Salgar Amrutatulya Chaha, Hotel Mhavra, Gadre Tea, Mehar’s Punjabi Rasoi, Second Home, Aasan Zone, Zadakhalcha Vada, Pratibha Academy, and many more.

Viva’s Instagram profile can help you better understand the importance of building relationships with clients and how it leads to success. Businesses, influencers, and brands can follow Viva to gain organic and consistent followers on Instagram. It can help you effortlessly and seamlessly turn your followers into clients. You can take a peak at his personal and professional life by visiting his Instagram profile.

Brand and social managers seeking to achieve objectives should be inspired by Viva.

For guidance, please contact Viva & his team at 8459327329 or Visit :

@vivaswangawade @techmaxnow

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