Vishwas Pandya Founder Of Fintraking

Vishwas Pandya recently completed BBA and is a CFA level 1 candidate. Actively provides guidance and tips on investing and money through instagram handle fintracking.

In his 2nd year of college, he took a subject from where his interest in the stock market grew. He learned more about it. Slowly things started to make sense. Not only the stock market, he also learned more about on money management, different investment options, personal finance, etc.

He grew up at the place where financial understanding is very low. It took him more than 6 to 7 month to learn the basics of finance, but since then, he decides that he want to spread the word finance in our daily life. He also knew that the knowledge of stock market and personal finance is low, people end up making mistakes in their investments which results in a loss and personally speaking he experienced it literally.

As a student he made a lot of mistakes with money due to lack of knowledge, so the aim was that no other students/youngsters/beginners like him indulge in this trap. The idea was clear i.e., to make people financially aware. He wants to execute this idea from his own city, but because at that time the Covid was on peak, he could not physically plan anything and then he didn’t see any better options other than Instagram. That’s how fin tracking started with motive to spread financial awareness.

@fin_tracking @vishwas.pandya

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