Vinayak Srivastava Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketer & Mentor

It is sure, when you have that fire within you to accomplish extraordinary things, you will take the initiative.

The 18 year old Vinayak Srivastava has put on such an impressive performance in a short time frame, earning over 1.75 lakh revenue through his mobile phone advertising platform within few months of being on the ground. At this age, this is very impressive for any individual.

Apart from this, he had also earned more than 3 lakhs from other skills, including:

Selling Skills
Communication Skills
Fb ads
Content Marketing

He comes from a decent family background. His father works in the private sector and his mother is a housewife. As a result, he has always had an urge to start his own business since childhood. He subsequently decided to help his family during the period of Covid – 19 Pendamic, and he took the initiative.

It’s well known that every journey starts with obstacles that pull you away from your goals, but this person has some unusual goals to strive towards and it happens all because he believes in himself.

In this journey he has to deal with all the family, friends and relatives that were running in his mind and preventing him from achieving his dreams. However, he was lucky to have his parents support him to this day and motivate him in his endeavors. Unfortunately, his friends and relatives have always reacted negatively to him. This may cause him to become demotivated, and it’s hard to explain how he is still being stronger than before.

For all the youth of his age or unemployed youth, he has decided to take initiative for them as well and his main goal is to help the lives of struggling youth.


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  1. Hii sir I been visiting your account on daily basis by looking at you the way you motivate and help people to earn money I also want to earn like you please guide me and help me to earn the amount which I want to earn please sir

  2. Himannshu jaiswal

    I also wanna earn money as I m. A teenager and feeling shy for taking money frm my parents I wanna to self depend

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