Vetrinilavan – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Meet Vetrinilavan, a 21/YO Perfectionist who is passionate about achieving financial independence by working digitally. He is an aspirant entrepreneur, digital marketer helping businesses grow, and a civil engineer with his own 3D design company and a Youtuber who owns multiple Youtube channels.

His journey is full of ups and downs, It all began in 2018 when he joined college. He started his own youtube channel and posted some Whatsapp status videos, he loves editing, he did it with passion for almost three years without any help from his friends. But In 2020 suddenly he started seeing results really very big.

It was a good start for his channel. He hit 7K subscribers and received million views but it didn’t last very long, After some time, youtube shut down the channel due to copyright issues.

During the period when the whole world was suffering from covid -19, he saw that almost all of his school friends were earning money like 2000 to 28,000 per week.

It was shocking to him. One of his friends explained everything to him. Yes, it is network marketing. He joined in and made money. It is about 80K in three months. Others of his friends have achieved something very extraordinary. In fact, some of his friends were featured in the newspaper and media for their achievements. Later, he realized he couldn’t work in network marketing since he needed to travel to different locations for meetings and, due to severe health issues, he couldn’t do that. In January 2021, he created his website and tried to sell products, but he is not yet 100% ready. In addition to his two friends, he also partnered with two others. Now he is alone, but he has not given up. If he gets free time, he will use it to learn some new skills.

Additionally, he does freelancing, offering his services to clients around the world. He is only 21 and already making five figures a month and eventually he hopes to do something big. His journey shows you the importance of believing in yourself and working consistently. There is no age limit to achieving success. You will reach your goals one day.


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