A youthful and propitious man from Ahmedabad put the below lines to sheer reality. Vandit Shah is a 27-year-old Entrepreneur, an IT guide, a Project Consultant, a Professional Sales Trainer, and an Author. He is a street learner and a continuous student of life.

5 life lessons I learned on my Entrepreneurial journey – Vandit Shah

1. Don’t wait for an opportunity, create one
When I was old enough, I started working in a call centre to support my family. If I had waited for a better opportunity, either I would’ve started very late or worse – never started at all. Yes, it was a small paying job, but it was something. We must learn to make big things happen from small opportunities.

2. Never quit learning
We were not taught English in school because we were taught all our subjects in Gujarati. Due to this, I could hardly speak a word or two of English. I couldn’t afford to go to classes because of time and funds. I learned English by hearing others communicate, and I picked up on it.

3. Accept rejection, correct your mistakes, and improve yourself
I never went to college, hence I do not have any specialised degree. When I thought of switching jobs, I was rejected many times because I did not have a degree. I had acquired some soft sales skills, but when I sought jobs, people with college degrees and no skills were given preference over me.
I accepted the rejections but never thought of staying stagnant and giving into my failures.

4. Grow in the environment and learn all you can
I have always made the best out of any situation, and learned all I could. Once you feel you’ve learned all you can or that you’re not growing anymore, it’s time for you to leave and choose your next challenge.

5. Maintain consistency, don’t quit easily
For the hope of a better tomorrow, we pick up positive habits, make resolutions, join classes and more. However, only some succeed in following through. A lot of people join the gym in January, but only some meet their fitness goals. Why? Because they give up after a few days. They are not consistent .

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