Twinkle Sawlani – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

In the past six years, she has been creating and building communities, moderating communities (Moderator for Startup Angel, 25k member community), and operating coworking spaces (Co-Founder for Nexus Spaces).

Co-Founder – Nexus Spaces

It is a workspace where corporates from all around the world reside, and in addition to the services below, you’ll find a convenience to commute as well as contemporary designed spaces with games like carrom and darts. It is a luxurious, Teak Wood office space made for people who value quality and time. It will ensure that you focus your whole time at work. It is the best workspace for those with taste and a value of time.

Founder – Rich Chocolatier

We highly recommend that you dig into the delicious delight of chocolates that are impossible to forget. When you bite the chocolates, your hearts are raised.

Chocolates from Rich Chocolatier are made with a perfect blend of cocoa powder and butter. Chocolates are a great source of pleasure for everyone.


Freelancer for social media management and corporate profile and presentations and building networks. Connecting companies with freelancers to hire them, making corporate contacts, etc. Freelancer for various marketing projects.

@twinklingtwinklesawlani @nexus_spaces @richchocolatier

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