Tulika Garg Bhatia – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Meet Tulika Garg Bhatia, A Young Indian Entrepreneur Founder and CEO of SOROR – The Sisters Edit.

She comes from a family in which education is extremely valued. Her father was the CEO of a large Indian conglomerate, her mother a housewife, and she has two sisters.

Her journey began when she graduated with a Bsc. in Statistics with honors from Delhi University’s Lady Shri Ram College for Women, one of the most prestigious institutions in the country.

Like her father, she too aspired to become an administrator and CEO of a company, so she did her MBA at IMT Ghaziabad, one of the top 10 business schools in the country. As a result, she was able to break into the corporate world and work with some of the best MNC’s like HSBC Bank and American Express India.

She led a successful journey in the corporate world for about 10 years and that’s when she started her own family and chose to break the fence to give more time to her family.

She actualized that she wasn’t being true to her values of bringing the sense of family and friends like family to the larger community. And hence after much procrastination and dilemma, she found ‘SOROR – The sisters edit’. It’s a confluence of her background and her desire to shape the world around her.

SISTERHOOD is like a religion for Tulika. It’s everything.

‘SOROR – The sisters edit’ is working on a mission to “Unlocking the half-tapped potential of the world”. Its a global online community of women who devise alliances to connect women around the globe.

Its a platform where women can talk openly, honestly, and share with others empower one another by being role models, offering support, celebrating each other’s success.

“In the time-pressured world we live in today, we’re losing the art of human conversation and relying on news feeds and social media, yet technology MUST also bring us further together.” says Tulika.

So she’s using technology to present a platform where women can express themselves and share the vast amount of knowledge they have acquired without worrying about having to host an individual blogging platform, or SEO, or marketing, and communication to the readers.

Email: info@sororedit.com
Sign up link : www.sororedit.com
Instagram : @tulikagargbhatia @sororedit
FaceBook: @TulikaGarg
LinkedIn: tulika-garg

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