There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise

Prachi Saraf, a Women Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of VYUSTI & Vyusti Trust,

Prachi Saraf, being born and brought up in the southern part of the city fondly called sobo, belongs thoroughly to Mumbai. Raised in a Marwari business family and having studied in Cathedral & John Cannon School, Mumbai, Prachi always wore shoes of a business successor, advanced in thought and action.

In 2006, she went to London and pursued her Bachelors at the renowned Cardiff University Wales, UK. The exposure, in time, made Prachi more empathetic and more passionate towards everything Indian. On return, with international academic backing Prachi followed in footsteps of her father joining the family business in textile. The familiarity of fabrics and fashion was ingrained since childhood as also studied in designing however blending it with her passion for people needed patience.

VYUSTI & Vyusti Trust, Founded by PRACHI SARAF during Pandemic for helping weavers meet with challenges of artisans, hand woven sarees esp the lost art & dying weaves. Vyusti working towards heirloom artisans of India is now putting their work on the commercial front, a whopping 90% of the proceeds from which go straight back to the weavers’ welfare!

Vyusti’ is a brand reviving Indian handloom industry with their sustainable and supreme quality weaves from different parts of rural India.

They incorporate values of pure home-grown sustainability of Shri Mahatma Gandhi & that of Atmanirbhar Bharat laid by Modiji.

Vyusti is a soulful initiative towards India’s very own textile art and its artisans, providing them with benefits they are entitled to and the needs that are rarely attended to. They aim to help the craftsmen grow independent and eventually flourish, prosper through education alongside healthcare and even their daily necessities met. This not Only gives the entire community an opportunity to be self-sufficient but also to upscale their lives as well as secure the future of their families. Above all it keeps them smiling which then beautifully reflects in the weaves and therefore our consumers.

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