“Revamping, derived from the idea of changing people’s lives by transforming them”,is a brain child of Ms Unnati Shah, who is a Certified Nutritionist and Fitness coach, and all-round Fitness Enthusiast based out of Mumbai, India. Her primary goal is to help people get into the kind of shape they have always dreamed of having. Whatever your fitness goals – whether they are losing weight, toning your body, gaining muscle mass, building strength, reverse pcos, thyroid or type 2 diabetes.She is here to help you achieve them.

Her path to becoming a Fitness Professional was somewhat typical. She likes to think that rather than picking the field of fitness, it was fitness that picked her. The fact is, she was never fit as a child. Her waist size once was 38 inches at one point and she weighed over 90 kgs. However, life went on, and she never really did anything about it. She grew up, finished graduating in the field of Mass media and even went on to work at the Meet Bros as Executive assistant. After a certain time, She realised that this was not what she wanted to be doing for the rest of her life, it just didn’t feel right. 

So, she went on a journey to find her true self. She joined a gym when she was extremely overweight, took a break from work, focused on her transformation, bought lifestyle changes in herself and went through all the struggles to achieve her goals. Yet somewhere along the way, hitting the gym became a huge part of her life, and held utmost priority. So, she got started on her own personal fitness journey. Over time, she realized that fitness was the one thing that kept her the most disciplined, driven, and dedicated. That was it. She had found her passion. She knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, she had finally found her calling. This made her realize the importance of fitness in the journey of life. She made a decision to help people who are struggling to achieve their fitness goals.

Revamping Unnati is her brand that is created to help others achieve their fitness goals. The aim of this brand is to help people in their fitness journey. So let us start this endeavour together and work towards achieving a fit and healthy life.

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