🔺Meet Mr Karan Bachani from Kandivali Mumbai who have completed his post graduate qualification in advertising but later he analyse the hidden potential in himself and started his journey of entreprenureship.

🔺Karan Bachani Founder & CEO of @tigorofficial@bowlgarrage –

🔺Hello myself karan bachani, I am the founder and CEO of BOWL GARRAGE and TIGOR FITNESS.
Tigor was founded in 2018, we served the Indian athletes by preparing their fitness gears, also served in various sports. Our main focus is to promote football in India, we are more focusing on football clubs and tournaments. We are here to support the sport and give the best clothing of comfort for players.

🔺Since after that, I was having a great passion of cooking, I use to cook from my school days, so thought why can’t I make it as a profession??? Now I am the cook and serving from the home to corporates and regular offices. Serving them at a minimum rate with quality food. We also serve fitness meals to loose weight and build muscles with vegetarian concept.

🔺It was not the end yet started socks and cap manufacturing to wear and be stylish at any level. We serve the accessories at a low price with the elite quality.
I am also pursing an NISM degree to become an investment advisor and broker.
Hoping for the future best. Changed many lives by serving them fitness meals at minimum rate and loosing their weight as well as served our players with the best quality clothing and accessories to play better with comfort.

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