DEEP DESAI is an Indian Icon & Entrepreneur from a beautiful city Ahemdabad.

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I had completed my master of Engineering from well known college of Ahmedabad, ‘Nirma University’.During my postgraduate study i used to give diploma degree engineering Tuition to student at my home. I went to Gurgaon for doing job in IT field. Worked for 3 years ,my last package was 7 lacs in Gurgaon. Due to medical emergency at my home i need to shift to Ahmedabad as my elder brother got stage 3 Colon Cancer. I shifted to Ahmedabad, accepted job in less package but i am not happy with work and work culture,so i left the job.
No scope of same work, Salary in Ahmedabad. So i started home Tuition. I was traveling 12 km to give home Tuition at Student’s Home to earn 4000 Rs only. Day by day my Tuitions were increasing. I am travelling whole day from here to there to earn money and Respect.

After giving home Tuition for one year, i thought
there is a huge gap in quality of education which can only be filled up by talented tutor by giving personal attention. Fees of personal Tuition was so high at that time. So i thought for teaching school students no graduate person required. If college student having good knowledge,she can give home Tuition and earn up to 8000 Rs per month minimum. So i created Book My Home Tuition in 2018 to empower youth and educated housewife. Also benefit to parents by getting quality education at low fees for personal Tuition at Home.

3)After giving up my job in Ahmedabad, people and relatives told me why are you going here and there for giving Tuition. Do fix salary job and get settled.
I didn’t listen them. At the end of day ,respect and money matters which i have proved.There is no option of hard work. Currentl

4)My one start up idea was selected in IIT Kharagpur for Semi final.But due to lack of fund i can’t give my best. I never loose hope. Respect is the only thing which i am getting in Education Field that keeps me motivating to grow further. From being called “Deep” in IT field to “Deep Sir” in Education Field keep motivating me.

5)We have covered half Ahmedabad City by marketing and by delivering home Tuitions​ In Ahmedabad East. We are going to hire more talented college students and Educated Housewives to deliver quality education at lower fees at Student’s Home.
We are going to expand in other cities of Gujarat in upcoming years.

6)Best Advice to young people is that “For getting success always do the work which loves you most.”
Never compromise with Quality of work for more money.

Deep Desai
Book My Home Tuition
M: +91 8320549170

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