Women in Business Network is a community for young entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders. We at Women in Business, aim to make things a little easier for female entrepreneurs by providing them with a specially curated platform to network and promote their brand, learn through various workshops and grow within the community.

Women is Business is a budding community of young female entrepreneurs across India. WIB aims to connect, inspire, and educate young minds through interactive mediums.

At WIB, we aim to bring together such determined women, build each other and grow together as well as inspire all women to take up leadership roles wherever they wish to. 

How did you come up with the idea?

I always found the uneven balance between men and women leaders in business exceedingly ludicrous. Initially, the numbers helped me see that this was a grassroots problem that could only be fixed by working with young women from the ground up. I was partially motivated by figures claiming that only around 10% of women hold high executive and management positions in the world’s top 1500 companies. But talking to various women in the business world and hearing their experiences are what truly convinced me to work on this problem. And hence, I came up with the idea of a pro-bono, easily accessible community for young women interested in business. There was a serious lack of an organization that focused on the unique problems women faced in the business world and our focus is addressing exactly that gap. I also wanted to ensure that this organization as accessible as possible, and hence we decided that this organization would specifically cater to women who are yet to or have just entered the working space. We hope that with proper guidance and training from industry experts and peer counseling at the undergraduate level, young women will be able to progress and perform better in their chosen business careers. The aim is to make mentorship and aid easily available for women so that they are trying to find their voice in the workplace, thus helping students to have a smoother transition from college to career.


Each day, I am inspired by young women who seek our advice on how to excel in their desired field of work, want to explore a career in business or reach out to tell us more about their brands. The community my team and I are building is working towards improving the way women in business are treated, for ourselves and for the future women who choose to work in the business. The members of the community actively engage in each and every activity we host, learn from experts and help their peers. The support and recognition that we received in only 4 months since the inception of the community is truly overwhelming. It exposes how essential this community was and what an important role it plays today and will continue to do so in the future. As of today, we have over 500+ passionate and successful students in our community group, hosted 5+ workshops, events, and boot camps with 715+ registrations, and have collaborated with over 45 established brands and women entrepreneurs! This is only the beginning!
Any advice or suggestion you want to give to your readers? My only advice to those reading this, is to never give up any opportunity that comes yourway. To turn down any opportunity offered to you is to turn down an opportunity to learn.Skills for any job can be often easily acquired and these opportunities are offered to onlythose who are capable of learning these skills. Empirically, women are more prone to doubttheir skills in these situations and indeed there have been many instances when I too havedoubted my potential. But I have learned that taking a leap of faith in your abilities is almostalways the more rewarding path. Even though feelings of inadequacy are normal, you mustalways sit at the table, equally participate in all discussions, and master what you don’tknow. Learn to take the risk, be confident and allow yourself to grow from your weaknesses.

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