Founder – Anushka Bhatia
Brand – Nature Dews

I was pursuing Chartered Accountant course before I took Entrepreneurial leap.

I chose entrepreneurship as I wanted to have control over my career. I was always looking for a way to start something of my own. The idea of working for myself is better than working in a large corporation where I’m just a number.

Becoming an entrepreneur comes with lot of risks, but also comes with lot of potential reward, A lot ! I’d rather prefer to slug it out for few years and then start reaping out benefits than to be an employee getting inflationary rises or promotion for every 5-10 years.

Started with an ideology to make something unique in personal skin care industry .Nature Dews is not about making products by mixing ingredients but to grow them from the roots.

Freshest, finest, and natural ingredients define Nature Dews . Nature Dews is a premium Ayurvedic skin care brand built on foundation of experimentation & creativity.

Our USP is in products based on Activated Bamboo Charcoal. We are the first manufacturer of activated bamboo charcoal skincare products. Before that people knew only about wood and coconut shell charcoal.

A large portion of Activated Bamboo Charcoal is Imported from China and Vietnam.It is hard to digest how an industry that is worth thousands of crores of rupees in India has come under the control of China and Vietnam. To avoid import of activated bamboo charcoal , We have used our own bamboo to make activated bamboo charcoal . Currently we have 53 varieties of bamboo and we make sure we use best bamboo for making activated bamboo charcoal.

Today we are the company with more than thousands of dedicated customer.Making each products from the roots ensuring purity. Currently we are dealing in premium quality handmade bathing bars,activated bamboo charcoal scrub and mask , Lip butter , Shea body butter and many more.

More than anything it’s just not about making money or a successful venture of it but it makes you a better person . It’s the only profession where you learn most about yourself.

IG HANDLE- @naturedews

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