Tanvi Pruthi – A Young Indian Emerging Icons

Tanvi Pruthi is an educator, political analyst and a social worker. Born to Daisy and Dinesh Pruthi in 1994, her father is a banker with SBI and mother, a homemaker.

She completed her law from UILS, Panjab University, LLM from O.P Jindal Global University. She is currently pursuing PhD.

She had job offers from law firms and even law colleges in metro cities. But she decided to stay in her home town, Panipat and create value there.
She works as an Assistant Professor of Law. She appears on tv news debates to discuss socio-political scenarios of the country.

Philanthropist by heart, she has supported a lot of social causes, from creating awareness on menstrual hygiene to answering SOS calls in Haryana during the COVID crisis.
She is married to Shubham Mehta, who interestingly follows different political ideology from Tanvi.

Tanvi often refers to him as Le sanghi husband, and she rights tales of their funny political anecdotes on her instagram page.

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