Meet Mr. Tamil, the founder of India’s 1st Unique Knowledge Exchanging & Networking Platform for Entrepreneurs. Named as Thebizlearners (@thebizlearners).

Mr. Tamil has close to 10 years of experience in the field of Business Consulting & Coaching. With a passion to create sustainable business, he started his journey back in 2010 & is now the founder of Max Margin Advisors (since 2017). He has grown this firm into a highly reliable Business Consultancy firm that focuses on Sales Growth, Profit Maximization, and Process Automation.

About Thebizlearners –

It was in May 2020 that Tamil and his friends came up with an idea & strategy that could help small and new entrepreneurs in the initial days of their business. That is when Thebizlearners (TBL) was born as a platform (31st July 2021) to help entrepreneurs with adequate knowledge and business skills.

Per Tamil, “Our organization’s goal and clear vision got us members from various cities & segments. We all agreed that learning is an important aspect of every business. Almost every successful entrepreneur has given priority to learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge. That’s why helping business owners was the main motto and reason to start TBL.

“We shortlisted most relevant topics and chose the speakers of the industry to help our members in multiple phases of their business. These learnings and knowledge-sharing sessions between members resulted in lots of positivity and upgrading of skills.”

Now Thebizlearners (TBL) is a India’s 1st Unique Knowledge Learning, Knowledge Exchanging (Sharing) & Networking Platform for Entrepreneurs. Created to help entrepreneurs upgrade their skills, knowledge, and connections, TBL is a unique concept that allows for both personal and professional growth. For those who appreciate mixing knowledge sharing & learning with business networking, Thebizlearners is the perfect place to be.


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