Taher Husain Entreprenur Founder & Director at Amour Affairs

Meet Taher Husain K Successfully Running Amour Affairs & Living A Dream Life

Taher uses stunning lighting and stunning backgrounds in every photograph he takes to expose the character of the subject. He is an intuitive photographer with a natural eye for the beauty of simplicity and the capacity to seize your attention in a single frame. The photographer’s approach to his photographs is not to fabricate images, but rather to show the true personality and emotion of the individual subjects he captures.

His prowess, diligence, passion, and sensibility put together result in pictures that a breathtakingly beautiful and at the same time completely natural.

Taher’s education has been multi-dimensional, giving him a broad understanding of the subject he fell in love with as a child. He earned a Diploma in film making and animation from Digikore College of Animation in 2009 and an Art Teacher Diploma from School of Art in 2010

We have only grown in our belief in the virtue of learning as a result of shooting so many weddings over so many years. And we stress the importance of learning never ceasing. The only way we can say this is after having had a wide-ranging career and repeatedly going through the learning curve. Over the years, we have developed a systematic and easy process that ensures smooth conduct from the time a client books us to the time we deliver, and makes it easy for us to follow.

In return for the trust and faith a client places in us, we feel obligated to leave nothing to chance on the day of their wedding and make it unforgettable for them, Photographs would be something they will cherish forever. Start now, not when you are already great. If you really want to succeed, you must start now.

You can’t race to success, and you can’t do it overnight. You can accomplish your goals through hard work and good education. Be confident in yourself and don’t give up.

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