Snehal Nayak – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Snehal Nayak. Born and brought up in Mumbai. Qualified as a gold medalist in philosophy. Taught for 6 years in degree college, later changed field and got internationally qualified as a holistic yoga, lifestyle and wellness coach. Started own venture Yogvrutti in May 2020. 

Successfully Treated almost 500 clients till now, varied areas: weight loss, PCOD, menstrual issues, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Yogvrutti undertakes a holistic approach which is fully 1:1, customised and tailor made. The entire program is based on diet, yoga, mirror and grounding exercises and more. 

As an additional feather on the cap, snehal is also a certified geo stress consultant, and an EMF consultant which helps to essentially know and measure the underground earth radiation and electromagnetic field, that radiates below the surface of the Earth, but rises up, and affects us, in the form of various grid lines, harmful water veins and so on, causing health issues, unexplained ailments, insomnia, unexplained stress, anxiety, feeling fatigued even after good sleep. This is done by analysing the floor plan and the room plan of house, thoroughly, especially the sitting and sleeping Area, along with other areas too, and seek remedial measures to combat this effectively. 


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