Shweta lyer is an young indian emerging icon & Entrepreneurs.⚡

She ia an Founder and CEO of chEAT Eats.
She want to truly showcase Indian local ingredients and techniques in the most delicious, familiar, healthy and hygeinic way possible.🌸

She want to put local Indian ingredients on the map by using them in recipes that people love to eat. 😋

Have you ever seen Tindli on a menu? No right? Cheat Eats put it in their lasagna.🤭
Love Missal paav, but want to be healthy? They have a Missal and millet bowl.
Cheat Eats loves playing around with these ingredients to help our farmers, our ecosystems and even our bodies.👌

They do corporate 3 course meals for corporates and customised menus for party orders too (so that food that is good for you can fuel good times, rather than junk food)

We all love food. But at chEAT Eats, #foodlovesyou🥰

They also available on swiggy and Zomato.
For all queries just follow them on insta and dm your thoughts.👇

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