Shivangi Shahane Phanse Entrepreneur Co-Founder of ANS Design House

Shivangi Shahane Phanse , A Passionate Interior Designer who worships her work is the Co-Founder and partner at ANS Design House(founded in 2010) along with her architect husband Amit.

She has been Working since past 19 years in the industry, specialized in creating interiors for luxury living spaces. As an inspiring entrepreneur and eminent interior designer she has been covered in various magazines and periodicals, and also been a speaker on various forums and platforms.

She belongs to a tier II city, Indore , finished her diploma in Interior Design in 2002 and worked for a while in Indore but her career really picked up when she joined renowned Architectural firm- ‘Sanjay Puri & Associates in Mumbai in 2008. Since then there was no looking back, though she has her share of highs and lows in the life, but she. In 2011 she started her entrepreneurial journey as a back end support to her architect husband but with the turn of events, she had her challenges from winding up a full fledged set up and starting from scratch due to financial reasons, to again being thrown out of the rental office overnight, which was on a sublet arrangement just a year later, she emerged stronger and better with every challenge and made her mark in the design industry in past 10 years.
She believes

“God is in Detail” and this belief helps her to take care of the smallest detail in any space taking the design close to perfection.

She has also authored a book – ‘The Blueprint of my destiny’, through which she has attempted to put an example before the youngsters on how they need to take charge of their career right from the beginning and pave a way to a successful and happy life. It’s available on Amazon.

Selecting a career from hundreds of conventional and non-Conventional options is not an easy task. Even if you manage to understand your true calling, the challenge doesn’t end there. Proper guidance is needed to kick-start what should be a successful career. Her motto behind writing this book is to. She feels if she would have got a proper and timely guidance, she would have done better in her career. Through this book, she wants to ease out the struggling years of the upcoming generation and wishes them to have a smooth career right from the outset.

She is an artist by soul and loves painting wall murals in free time. She credits her husband and Son for the unconditional support they offer which makes her entrepreneurial journey successful. Her parents take pride in her and her team acts as her backbone to gives her confidence to be more ambitious and energetic with every upcoming opportunity.
You can find this book on Amazon.
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