Shannon Nogueira (23) is truly an emerging icon especially in the field of education. Just recently, he has been nominated by the Cambridge Education Press for the ‘Most Dedicated Teacher Award’. Ever since he moved from being a former journalist to an educator ,he has been raising eyebrows with his teaching skills which have been recognised in as many as 18 countries. Over the pandemic, he began his own venture, ‘Shannon’s Academy of Learning and the Arts’ which has become a massive success especially in the United Kingdom. The company has already catered to over 1000 students from countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Qatar and many more.

Shannon’s Academy of Learning and the Arts was founded by Shannon Nogueira as a company that stands for high quality premium learning. A company that offers the best of teachers in the industry at competitive rates. Along with a physical space in Mumbai, Shannon’s Academy functions online in order to cater to all its foreign students. The academy offers various courses like Music, Art, Yoga, Creative Writing and Grammar to name a few. Add another 45 to the list of courses and you would know how many courses this academy has to offer.

All in all, in a span of 4 to 6 months, this company has managed to establish themselves as a reputed ‘Educational Institute’. Shannon’s credits the success of this institute to his amazing faculty. We are sure that Shannon’s Academy of Learning will continue to grow from strength to strength.
IG HANDLE- @shannonnogueira

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