Shambhavee Chhugani – The Emerging Icon

Meet Shambhavi “She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart”

Shambhavi is one power packed lady, who tirelessly works around the clock to touch lives. She has had an interesting journey, of two decades.

The family that Shambhavi comes from is one of the royal families of Bihar and in whose tradition, it is important to be spiritually inclined,as much as one must be formally educated. So, her inclination towards her spiritual world was given.

Her induction to this world came through Reiki and Nyaas healing. Over the years she learnt other aspects of spirituality and continued to be a student with a thirst for spiritual knowledge.

Having studied the science, she realized that there is a calling to the mystic world and a huge appetite to learn the various modalities. She continued to invest in learning new modalities and keeps upgrading her knowledge bank. At every point Shambhavi was traveling in two boats, managing her home her growing up kid n the work she did. Which yes most of us does, but there always more to it.

For her, life has been a bitter sweet journey, with its fair share of ups and down. In her tryst with her spiritual world,she learnt the most valuable lessons of life, which is to ‘value what one has’ and ‘the power of now’.

Shambhavi studied Hospitality and Management, post which she worked in hospitality and corporate world for over a decade. While she was growing professionally she continued her relationship with the mystic world, which eventually became her full time passion.

She comes across as a very experienced soul, when one connects with her. The kind and variety of people she has met and helped them is appreciative. She loves to travel and has experienced a variety of cultures and traditions. She has worked across a spectrum of industries, whilst continuing her spiritual advancement. She masters the art of tarot along with other spiritual healing forms and has been featured in various online interviews and media platforms. She is also a life coach to many.

Featured in some top magazines

“Consistency is what transforms an average into excellence.” and it’s very encouraging to know that this young lady has been bestowed with 11 plus awards so far which includes Grand Master in Tarot Prediction, Woman Achievers Awards by the Young Environmentalist, Influencers Awards,The best Tarot reader awards for 2019. She has been featured in various platforms, top magazine and newspapers,namely Femina, Cosmopolitan,ELLE, Bombay Times, featured in she truely is an achiever
, she is also one of highly searched names on google. She has even done the one minute Ted Talk last year at Tedx Bandra. Not only this,she is also associated with BMC and is an active member with them and visits a few NGO’s and remand home..

Shambhavi during her career has met some extremely acclaimed personalities,like the Late APJ Kalam, Late Jagjit Singh, Mrs.Nandita Puri , Anaida Parvaneh,Kubbra Sait, Sandhya Shetty, Miss Malini and many other.

A self made woman, Shambhavi has built a brand for herself and is recognized in the field of tarot ,colour healing, vaastu ,life coach and various other modalities. She believes in helping those who reach out to her, in her simple and unique way and often says “to achieve something that you really want,will it from the heart and universe, will bring it to you. Also, your level of success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverance”

She believes in attitude of gratitude,hence she has associated herself with the cancer patients and is instrumental in fund raising for them every year. She also reached out to the juveniles in the remand homes..

She says, we often hear the words spoken but try and listen to the unspoken words,which she often does in her sessions.

Recently,her journey took a turn wherein she decided to give back to the society..She decided to launch a community for woman called the Woman of Substance, wherein she is currently only featuring stories of the unsung heroes.. She often say, healing is never lateral but takes a while 360 degree to complete the turn.. She has reached out beyond expectation to heal and touch lives.She has healed thousands in her journey.

List of awards
( Incase it needs to be featured )
My prized possessions my awards…

Its a satisfaction … A contentment feeling after all the hard work…

💐 Grand Master in Tarot Prediction by Inspire
💐Excellence in Tarot by WOW (Wow Personality Awards )
💐 The business diva awards for Excellence in Life Coaching by The All Ladies League ,
💐 Women Achievers Award by Young Environmentalist
💐 Influencers awards by Qween
💐 Speakers Award by WEE
💐Facilitated for supporting partner by wee
💐Woman achievers award by aspiring she
💐Excellence in Life Coach by pinnacle fame awards
💐Outstanding par excellence coach tarot n vaastu by Wow awards
💐 Best Tarot Reader of 2019 by Growing Buddies
💐 Excellence in Spirituality & Healing by PIFA 2020
💐 Icon of the year 2020 by GB TEOI Awards 2020
💐 Leader Par Excellence, Rangoli Awards 2020
💐Entrepreneur of the year 2021

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