Journey of a strong, all rounder woman who is a founder of well established jewellery brand Nirakara Jewels.

Ms. Seema Agarwal is a self made and unstoppable lady, she had a special interest in innovation, designing and leadership from childhood.

After graduating in economics from Delhi University She continues her path And did her Diamond grading from IGI, Jewellery designing from JD Institute and Fashion PR from London.

If I write about how Ms. Agrawal got started, it’s very inspiring, Ms. Seema started her career early on by making paper jewelry after success , started making silver jewelry for relatives and friends at home.

Ms. Agarwal believes that everything starts small and if we focus on every little detail then nothing can stop an idea from becoming a big success. Nirakara” Jewels a renowned luxury jewellery brand catering to the niche market, specialising in bridal diamond & polki jewellery worldwide.
Ms. Agarwal has won significant accolades in her life journey.

Ms. Agarwal was Awarded by Bharat Gaurav award 2017.

Ms.Agarwal was Awarded by Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for best jewellery designing 2015.

Ms.Agarwal was Awarded by Shirish Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee 2015.
Ms.Agarwal was the Recipient of Women’s role model award by Delhi Vaibhav Award by Times Group for Young Entrepreneurship in jewellery.

Shatak Veer Ekal Vidyalaya Bharat Log Pariksha Parishad adopted hundred village in rural areas to educate children in 2016
Ms.Agarwal is Life member of all India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation.

Ms. Agarwal believes, when each and every women of our country should come out and give her own contribution to society and country along with her home, only then an ideal India will be created.

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