Saranya Narayana Moorthy – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Saranya Narayana Moorthy, CEO of The Content Bot, refers to her journey so far as ‘Embellishment’ wherein she speaks of her creative edge in Marketing Strategies and Business Development.

Being into corporate consulting and Strategising Marketing plans for various companies and startups has added to her experience delivering the best marketing modules for her clients and students. With a keen eye for consumer centrism and market scope, she has quoted her signature strategies for her company, making The Content Bot stand out from the rest of the Marketing companies.

Her signature strategies, including the Horizontal & Vertical Analysis, The Consumer relationship Quadrant, and the Sales cycles, have established a unique rapport with her Mentees and delivered 6x ROI.

Indulging in Marketing, Saranya is an Entrepreneur who has experimented with more than seven business models and is continuously creating and innovating. Being a Social Influencer, she speaks more of Business, Marketing, and Nuance of running a company from the CEO’s perspective.

“It is not hard to build a company. If you are willing to do it – You will find a way.” – SNM.


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