Sanjay Singh the emerging icon

Surprise Planner’s CEO and Founder, Sanjay Singh, is here to introduce himself.

Surprise Planner was founded by Sanjay Singh. , India, is the home of this up and coming Indian entrepreneur.

As of July 15th, 2018, the Surprise Planner website was officially launched with the goal of delivering memorable surprises that would have a lasting influence on the lives of those who received them.

A little bit about Surprise Planner – an Indian event planning and management firm.

You can rely on Surprise Planner to make your big day even more memorable and gorgeous than ever before. In order to make your loved ones feel special, we have a team of specialists that create and decorate a unique surprise for your big day. In addition to birthdays, anniversary celebrations, romantic dinner dates, rooftop candlelight dinners, and other special occasions, our crew has a wealth of expertise in decorating for these occasions at the lowest pricing in the nation. Make your big day even more fun and memorable with these budget-friendly yet stunning décor ideas.

In addition to that, we can assist you in locating your ideal locations for a memorable celebration. We’ll arrange everything from the hotel room to the wedding garden to the dinner hall so you can relax and enjoy your special day. Whatever your location, we’re always here for you. A simple phone call will put you in the mood for a magical party. and Instagram


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