Saniya Sugla – The Young Indian Entrepreneur

When something is important to you, you take a stand for it even when the odds are not in your favour.

Meet Saniya Sugla: 24

Brand & Social media consultant, Content marketer, Copy & Content writer and Ideation specialist.

With a natural knack for creative work & writing, Saniya completed her Masters in Management with Marketing from the University of Bath, UK. after her undergrad in English Literature from Sri Venkateswara College DU.

Saniya was and is extremely ambitious and wanted to channelize that ambition in her own venture. She discovered her potential and interest in the field of content writing and marketing early on in her life. She loved taking responsibility and never shied away from a good challenge. As an independent consultant, she has proved to be a great asset to businesses with strategies and content that is creative, thought-provoking, and downright brilliant.

She specialises in working with small businesses to bring their own personal branding to the table to create product differentiation in a very exhausted market. Her vision behind her business is to create content that educates the audience, engages with them, and makes them feel good while scaling the client’s brand identity and presence.

Saniya has worked with several brands including those in the fashion and lifestyle sector, some of these brands were affected by the pandemic which gave her an unusual challenge from the very start. She helped them build their online presence and grow their businesses with her creative ideas and marketing strategies. Saniya is proof that when you believe in your goals and skills, other factors like age and judgments do not matter. She believes in giving each minute her best, and letting the magic unfold.

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