Saksham Kailoo belongs to Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir. He is 21 years old budding Ayurveda Doctor, a writer, entrepreneur and a social activist.

He is the Founder of One Life Infinite Happiness and Kalam’s Ratna Award.

One Life Infinite Happiness an affiliate of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Research Foundation, Delhi started on 06/07/2020 with a vision to make Suicide Free India. OLIH provides services like Counselling, Medical Help, Fundraising, Legal Help, Food Drives, Internships, Volunteering etc. All the services in OLIH are totally free of cost.

Despite of the sessions being taken by any client, OLIH focus on all round development and cure. Till now more than 1000+ counselling sessions have been done by OLIH.

More than 9 food drives, Visit to OLD Homes, Fundraising for BPL people have been done. Around 200+ interns and 400+ Volunteers have worked till now. Every treatment/counselling session have been provided by professionals here. OLIH has also treated critical cases of Rape Survivors, Domestic Violence, Clinical Depression, PTSD, Schizophrenia etc and has 100% of success record till now. OLIH will continue to remain spreading it’s positivity.

He have donated all his earnings from compiling books, being a Brand Ambassador, Project head for welfare of the society in terms of fundraising, ration distribution etc. And currently He have done mandante with Ketto and Unicef too that he will donate and support them on monthly basis.

@sakshamkailoo @onelifeinfinitehappiness @kalamratnaawards

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