Saksham Chaudhary – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Saksham Chaudhary is a 20-year-old Young Indian Entrepreneur Founder and CEO of Empyrean Luxury. A vegan luxury footwear brand.

In 2019, he started off with ₹500 and now he’s a millionaire. He sold mobile covers when he was broke, and in college (DYPDC Pune) he was doing automobile design.

2019 – Sold mobile covers while standing in front of a mobile cover store and at a price four times lower than what the storekeeper offered. Didn’t ask parents for money because he didn’t want their help, they had helped him since he was a child. Spend 22 days eating only Maggi, the beginning of the struggle . Even though he made money in those 22 days , he was always looking to multiply it. He made one lakh in 22 days, and then he kept on multiplying it.

2021 – own the only vegan luxury footwear Brand of India’s supported by PETA at global level and Manufactured in Italy .

He belongs to a wealthy family, but he has made his fortune on his own through hard work, experience, and struggle.

love to help people , believe in having a healthy character . Not into bad habits and spiritually active person and also Believe in traditional values .


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