Hi, I am Rashmi Anneppanavar, Founder and Creative Head at RAEH, a conscious and
sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand, based out of a beautiful historical city Vijayapura,
North Karnataka.
Being a sustainability activist and an art lover, for me RAEH is more of a drive and passion
than just a business idea. It was my encounter with the real face of the fashion industry out
there that made me to bring RAEH. I saw fast fashion, mass production, mechanized
processes etc. just ruin our age old tradition of handmade fashion and also harm the artisan
communities leaving them no work. RAEH is the outcome of the sheer desire to bring a
positive change in peoples’ lifestyle and their perspectives towards fashion and also uplift the
artisan communities and their crafts. We aspire to see the Indian handmade fashion as a part
of our daily lives. “Live, Let live and Help live” is the mantra that guides RAEH.
Having to start a business from scratch with zero industry experience did pose me big
challenges. For me “Learn through mistakes” has been the way out .None the less, I chose to
walk ahead with the learnings from mistakes and a lot of guidance from my mentors, family
and my books.
The fact that we are based at a semi urban place also gave us many challenges in terms of
having a talented team, logistics support, lack of matured market to our products etc. but as
said, if there is will there is a way !! We took the help of digital media for setting up an
amazingly strong team and also reaching out to the market digitally apart from offline tie-up’s.
As a part of the nature of our business, we work with small businesses and artisan
communities mainly based in rural India that tend to be highly unorganized. We had to have a
really strong and committed workflow plan, execution and the follow up to ensure we meet
our goals.
Being in the initial phase, the growth of the brand has been slow and steady. We successfully
managed to build a small team with passionate and dedicated members handling different
operations like management, production, digital marketing and sales etc. We currently are
working with two handloom clusters, two hand embroidery clusters, dyeing units and few
other small businesses for our production and operations.
I aspire to make slow, conscious and sustainable lifestyle the new norm and reach out to a
larger population rather to only top niche population.
RAEH will not only be a brand for sustainable fashion and lifestyle products but also wishes
to be a platform to propagate conscious life and thoughts and support other smaller brands or
organisations working for similar cause.

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