Priyanka Khera, Owner and Jewelry Designer of “Trendzz Villa” ( @trendzz_villa_by_priyankaa )

I am a firm believer of hardwork and passion. Well as the quote states, “Opportunities don’t happen, You create them”, that’s what I am investing into since the beginning and till today!
I was filled with extreme passion and desire to be a successful women entrepreneur. My determination to build my own brand was what motivated me to startup my Jewelry Brand “Trendzz Villa”.

I started my homegrown Jewellery Business back in February 2014 on a small scale on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. My idea was to start with limited resources but with premium quality. Investing in quality has been my biggest aim even till date. I commenced to promote my business on social media platforms, while helped me to reach to buyers. Gradually people started being impressed with the quality and designs of my product and my way of working. Investing in promotions in the earlier stage instilled a faith in my small business and understanding the concept of High end Travel Jewelry.

Today, “Trendzz Villa” has become a Jewelry Brand, specialising in exclusive 92.5 Hallmark Silver Jewelry. We have extremely high quality “High End Travel Jewelry” in both “Diamond and Polki Look”. We deal in absolutely premium quality and offer variety of designer Jewelry. We also specialise in Customising Jewelry as per our client’s requirements.

I have always aspired to make my brand known for it’s uniqueness and quality. I am elated to have build up this brand out of my sheer determination and love for classic and statement Jewelry.
Another biggest acheivement of my career is being awarded with the “Best Travel Jewelry in Diamond and Polki look” at Global Business Award 2021.

These seven years of my career were full of hardships and obstacles, which are still inevitable. Yet I am always motivated, willing to never give up, still have a strong aspiration to make my brand huge and well renowned one day and working on it every single day even more harder.

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