Priya Y. Atri & Vaibhav Atri are two real life partners & cofounders of “”

Coliving is a new era. Back in 2015, Coliving market emerges as a “new way of living”. It has become very popular amongst millennials and students as it offers affordability yet premium spaces with a community vibe.

It is every youngster’s dream to experience coliving, though there are a lot of entrants in the market offering such spaces but the duo realised that there isn’t a single platform which one can use to explore & compare such cool spaces.

Leaving their high paying corporate jobs, the duo decided to use their industry expertise and invested their time in building CONVIVO (India’s largest comprehensive search platform through which one can explore, compare and book coliving spaces across India)

Within 2 months of their business in operation, Convivo has been able to attract more than 1000 users and have been able to onboard all major coliving operators on its platform.

So, in case you are moving cities, you should definitely try they will help you find such cool spaces and that too without brokerage 🙂

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Instagram Handle : @atri.priya47
Instagram Handle : @atrivaibhav47

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