Pritika Singh Entrepreneur CEO of Prayag Hospital & Research Center Pvt. Ltd.

Pritika Singh, CEO
Prayag hospital & Research Center Pvt. Ltd.

The Indian healthcare system is one of the largest growing sectors, and according to a report the industry is expected to reach $372 billion by 2022. The hospital industry in India, accounting for 80% of the total healthcare market, is likely to be $132 billion by 2023 from $ 61.8 billion in 2017 – almost double in a short period. Considering the rise in the number of patients, it is imperative to set superlative standards of medical care for a hospital to function smoothly.

While most hospitals thrive on advanced expensive treatments, for 28-year-old Pritika Singh, CEO of Prayag hospital & Research Center Pvt. Ltd., the approach of managing a hospital differs from the rest. With her strong core and instinctive entrepreneurial skills, Pritika has proved her mettle as a game changer in the healthcare industry. We get an insight into what’s it like to be one of the youngest CEOs of a prominent hospital chain and run the show single-handedly in a male dominant field of work.


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