Prateek Pandey & Srishti Sharma hold the vision to make India a leading name & an emerging power in the aerospace sector

Launching Worlds & India’s first Startup into Space Mining. Space Mining does it still sound Unbelievable??

With ever increasing boom in the space technology and exploration the idea of space mining is fast gaining pace. Increasing energy demands and search for rare earth metals,we are turning to the cosmos to provide us with them. Many space agencies from various countries working on concepts of space exploration, one Indian startup  “SuperAliensCo” is fast developing systems for space mining. 

We finally have 2 visionary entrepreneurs turning a farfetched dream into a reality. Prateek Pandey and Srishti Sharma hold the vision to make India a leading name and an emerging power in the aerospace sector.

“SuperAliensCo” is a technology driven organization that offers extensive Research & Development to turn your ideas into reality. We are the World’s & India’s only startup to work on the concept of space mining. We have successfully developed and designed various mission critical solutions and technology demonstrators to achieve the mammoth task. Wealso hold expertise in wearable’s design, develop & manufacturing capabilities and providing solutions in software & hardware development, Military, Medical and many more.
We believe in achieving technologies that are alien to us, but we are not regular ones we are the “SuperAliensCo”.

The Startup has already started working on the mapping/survey satellite to trace the presence of various minerals and autonomous landing rover for verify and measure the density of the minerals on the surface of the moon. The work is underway to design and develop mining equipments that work in zero gravity and withstand the harsh environment of moon and outerspace. The company has also partnered with various other international firms to develop various systems and technology.

The Director say “Every unachievable task is unachievable,until you start pursuing it”.

After successfully launching their previous platform *GAME * which received much love and appreciation from the Indian and the Russian audiences, these entrepreneurs are all set to build the next great things.

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