Pradeep Chakravarthy j – The Emerging Icon

Leadership is the art of achieving more than what the science of management says possible.

A diligent personality, Pradeep Chakravarthy J is the Managing Director at PHC. With a humble beginning in 2000 when Pradeeps father handed over the administration to him, he has been tirelessly working and established tie-ups with several medical establishments. As a result, PHC now stands as one of the finest diagnostic facilities catering to over 45 locations in Tamilnadu. Amidst the rigid industry competition, he has managed to position PHC on the healthcare map by providing quality medical technology.

With a vision to make healthcare accessible and affordable, his determination and futuristic approach enabled the common man to access quality diagnosis, which was once unaffordable for people of all classes. All of his corporate ventures are aligned with one goal improving access and affordability of healthcare. In recognition of his outstanding leadership qualities, he was adjudged as the Pioneering Med-Tech Savant by Silicon India.

In PHC’s long career and development forefront, it has bagged many honors under its name. To name two of its recent award are  Silicon India 2019, where it was appalled for its outstanding performance. The success achieved in these four decades will continue to play a major role in the expansion in the upcoming times. With the best-in-class 45+ laboratories from across Tamilnadu, PHC plans expansion of 100 branches by 2023 across Tamil Nadu. Gearing up to become future-ready. PHC is widening its capabilities to perform over 2500+ varieties of investigations to enable early diagnosis and prevention of health issues.

Premier has a great vision to expand its services far and beyond by forming new alliances and partnerships. It is keen on establishing a presence through partnerships across Tamilnadu and plays a pivotal role in raising the bar of diagnostic accuracy, technological equipment, customer experience, and research-driven empathetic service in the industry.


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