Highly sensitive & wholly empowered, this female entrepreneur is surely heading towards the top. Although Poonam started her career as a psychological counselor, it was not too late before she realized that she was cut out for a different role and calling. What happened next was like one of those incredibly successful career change stories; and here’s the whole story.

We live in an era where tables are turning. Women are not only stepping out of the gender stereotypes and breaking the glass ceiling they are stepping up to take ownership of the means and ends of their efforts. Poonam Salian is one among these women. What sets her apart from the cloud of entrepreneurs today is her clear-sighted, quick-witted nature. She celebrates this nature in her much notorious email signature – Boss-Woman, which may come off as bossy at first but once you know her a little more, it all makes sense. As you get to know her, you will surely notice she means what she says, that she would rather strong-willed than a sweetheart. In all her interviews Poonam unapologetically admits, “When I put my heart on something, there is no looking back.”

Poonam finished her Master’s in Psychology and was nothing but successful in her career as a counselor. On one of her usual work-days, she realized that she always wanted to make the best out of her skills, resources, and experience. And just like that, she decided to make the switch to an industry that truly fits into her oh-so competitive spirit – the online marketing & advertising industry. From this point forward, there was no looking back. Her bird’s-eye-view in- sights, fast-paced learning & of course her top-secret chai recipe aided her to grow at a break-neck speed, then & now. She moved swiftly and gave her all to all the roles she was assigned & took on; from a Social Media Manager to Sales Director & now CEO & Co- Founder of DAB OF INDIA.

In 2019, Poonam made her long-standing dream a reality with her co-founder Hamza Chattrisa. Together they established DAB OF IN-
DIA, a digital marketing & advertising agency that weaves creativity within the commercial. Poonam’s vision to venture onto a revolution
found definition in the first few founding meet-ups for DAB of INDIA.

Her zeal to work for something larger than life combined with her never-say-never attitude kept her going in the difficult journey of set-
ting up her dream business. Sooner than later, DAB OF INDIA was bustling with a bunch of effervescent artists who have continued to
work together to realize this vision of a digital revolution. And guess what, DAB is already making brands digitally fabulous by opening up
new doors for businesses across all sectors in this hyper-digital world!

So the next big question is: How did all of this come to pass? A transition, so uncanny? A bootstrapped marketing agency, so successful? Poonam owes this incredible win to her burning desire for her work. She says what tops it all when thinking about one’s success is one relationship with others. From her background in psychology, her mantra is making lasting and bold impressions on other people, in the right way, for the right cause. “Over the years,” Poonam says, “I have realized how maintaining relationships, networking, socializing & looking out for people while you’re working with them is what being an entrepreneur is all about.”

According to her, it doesn’t matter if you are online or offline, in a professional setting or a personal one, it is important to maintain a coherent and clear dialogue with people. Her philosophy comes from the traveler that she is at heart. Poonam’s experience from traveling to places around the world worked well with her desire to understand people, culture & lifestyles. Her travel diaries, much literally, have been a constant source of learning since the transition she made in her career.

She seeks to level up her brand by building a team of hundreds, one that surpasses all expectations and stands firm when it comes to credibility. Poonam is unafraid to invest time, energy, and money in the budding talent of the day. For her, fresh, new ideas are worth far more than experience because they always make way for something beautiful. That is the same reason why Poonam is, as of this moment, occupied with cultivating her breakthrough with innovative business development strategies alongside a refreshing work environment created by young, talented hustlers. Goes without saying, for Poonam Salian her employees are who boost her business and there by have added to the list of some of the most important people in her life.

Looking toward the future, Poonam is positive that her career journey has just begun, she is just getting started. Although her delight in DAB OF INDIA’s growth since the past two years of its conception is uncontainable, she claims that there is a lot more to accomplish.



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