Elusive Dreams is a luxury wedding decor company in India based out of Delhi and Mumbai. It is the brainchild of our Managing Director, Pooja Doshi who is extremely passionate about what she does and absolutely loves creating beautiful memories for our wonderful clients.

I started my journey early in the wedding industry straight after college at a young age of 20. I worked with multiple wedding decor companies over a span of 2 years which gave me the right exposure and contacts which helped me build my future in the same field. From my first event when I was interning for free for a wedding company in Delhi, I knew this was it for me and this was my calling. I absolutely loved playing with flowers, colours, fabrics, furniture and knew this was going to be my final career. I got immense family support and coming from a business family background I knew I had to eventually start my own company and that happened when I was only 22. I worked from home, I used my savings to buy myself a laptop and an iPad which was an essential for me at that time and started taking up meetings. I started with zero in my bank account, I didn’t take any help from my family and friends and wanted to create a name for myself and today I can proudly look back and say I did so. I won a national achievers award and the societal grace award for the best wedding decor company Pan India. Im constantly travelling between the 2 cities and also have majorly expanded into destination weddings, I have a large team now which is as passionate as I am about the work that we do. Every wedding for me feels like my own and every family I meet is like its my own. I wake up everyday loving what I do and I go to sleep very content with the beautiful day. 

I also conduct Decor masterclasses to share my experiences and learnings over the last 8 years of being in this field with aspiring people who would like to enter this field. I have had over 100 aspirants attend this certified class who have truly gained some good knowledge which will help shape their future and it makes me feel great as well to be able to do this and help them and provide them with counselling sessions to help make their decisions easier. Weddings and decor are my most favourite part of life and if I had an option to change anything in my life there is absolutely nothing I would. I’m extremely happy with my pace and I will try my best to work hard and continue to do so every single day

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