Parul Yadav (she/her), aged just 21, is a highly ambitious, and resilient emerging female entrepreneur, public relations officer, and global career coach in India. This meaningful risk-taker always aims to challenge the status quo, with a strong commitment to women empowerment, global development, and entrepreneurship. At such a young age, she is an avid public affairs advocate focusing on skill-building opportunities for communities in the Asia-Pacific region. Simultaneously, she is also a fully funded scholar and incoming international master’s student in the United Kingdom. Parul will be leveling up her diverse background in government, literature, and public relations while pursuing her higher education.

She recently graduated from Gargi College, the University of Delhi with a major in English Literature, and a minor in Philosophy. She has been constantly working towards bringing a multi-disciplinary approach to building sustainable international development. Throughout her undergraduate 3 years – Parul worked with the public, private and non-profit sectors to tackle a variety of social issues with a specific focus on digital literacy and women empowerment. The tools of social media, digital marketing, and customer outreach whether it is individual or for clientele conversations, Parul is aware of and constantly pushes herself out of her comfort zone to explore the varieties of experiences.

During her time at university, she held a constant change in her vision, and directions. Unwilling to accept the gender disparity, Parul started finding the talent, optimism and determination in working with gender sensitised institutes and clubs. She planned to use her drive, and motivation in unleashing individual, and collective capacities of young India. She also founded her own non-profit community organization called, We Believe India, an initiative working towards creating a mentorship program that strengthens the confidence of women, provides them with opportunity, and connects them to a sustainable network. Members were trained on sustainable partnership building, community strengthening, trauma-informed responses, and classroom best practices. In addition to being classroom facilitators, We Believe India members receive professional coaching, leadership training, internship and scholarship opportunities throughout India. Their Website , Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and the personal group can be joined by young girls from any part of India.

Parul believes that women should intersect their diverse interests, and allow themselves to take the road less traveled. Overcoming self-doubt and embracing inner self-confidence often underpin career success. However, there are still millions of women out there who need the inspiration to unleash their inner leaders. Young girls growing up in South Asian communities seek women leaders and mentors footsteps to emulate. Thus, Parul Yadav also offers career coaching, and a 1:1 mentorship program to help students, and graduates articulate the next steps for a global career.

Her recent online networking community model, Asian Alliance India, is a kind project launched in India and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. The project aims to initiate a community where online networking can be turned into various prospects for career enhancement. Asian Alliance India highly values the potential of the Public Relation, and Communications industry, and offers real-world examples of illustrating what can generate a list of skills they believe employers look for. They offer to volunteer, and ambassador leadership positions for college, and university students across Asia-Pacific. Students lead chapters and significantly influence the level of involvement in various parts of our targeted regions. These chapters are established as training platforms for students to get real-world campaigning, and client exposure. Furthermore, a LinkedIn community is accessible for networking, finding opportunities, and increasing your industry knowledge. Having advanced skills in communication, management, and public relations. Parul gained intensive specialization in booming digital fields. She strongly believes that what we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not because the nature of the thing has changed, but because the power to do it has increased. As a commitment, and perseverance contributes to a considerable shift in people’s perception of accepting women in leadership roles, many young women still get clutched in societal standards of pursuing a more “feminine” or “easy” job role. Parul believes that women have come a long way to prove their worth in the male-dominated society. Women are now more visible in positions of power, leading corporations, and positively impacting the world agnostic of traditional boundaries. She believes her purpose in life is to continually advance civilization by creating a better, and equal world with individuals advocating for their and each other’s rights on a whole level!

Feel free to connect with Parul Yadav at: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

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