Palakh Khanna – A Young Indian Emerging Icon

An 18-year-old young Indian Icon, Palakh Khanna, is a social entrepreneur, striving towards changing the world around her. A firm believer in feminism, and an active environmentalist, she firmly believes in the goodness of social media and the power it yields.

Amongst her many ventures, she is an educator, teaching the underprivileged as well as a Global Ambassador, fighting against climate change. She is also the Founder of an organization called Break.The.Ice, a Youth organization, with teenagers joining hands from all across the globe, where they talk about all things *taboo* and discuss subjects that are evidently present but often neglected, ultimately helping in creating an enlightened youth community across the globe.

When asked about the vision behind the organization, she mentioned how the organization aims at creating an enlightened and aware youth community so that the country‚Äôs  future leaders, entrepreneurs and even housemakers never fail to educate their children and the next generation as well! The basic aim of the organization is based on the SDG 4 ( i.e., providing quality education to all), with a slight deviation from the basic, conventional meaning of this SDG, the organization bases its claim on ensuring every individual is enlightened and educated about each and every topic which needs to be changed.

Along with that, creating a global community, on the very base of communication, she believes, can help individuals not only reflect on themselves and expand their network but also relieve their stress and talk about topics which impact their mental health. A platform like this would enable them to pause and introspect and ultimately, recharge.
@palakhkhanna20 @break.the.iceorg

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