Padmini Janaki Founder and CEO of @mindandmomofficial

From a twenty-one-year-old girl who was skeptical about visiting a male gynecologist to a 29-year-old woman to build an app about women health along with many male gynecologist Dr.Vinayak Smith I came a long way! I have always been amazed by building things from scratch. I think I get immense pleasure in designing and seeing my dream getting built. However, I felt I was grey. I knew a bit of everything but mastered none. And maybe that is one strong reason that I wanted to keep learning. I love the way how technology has changed the present game and human life and would be anytime interested to discuss any tech-related topic under a roof with a cup of coffee & music.

Idea behind Mind&Mom
I’ve always been fascinated by looking at the Healthcare industry and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work in a company that dealt with customers in the healthcare segment. You could say that my strong belief in feminism combined with the society I grew up looking at would have steered my mind in this direction, but I would want to leave it to your imagination! But the reality is I always wanted to do something for women, To be more specific – their health.  coincidently Suganya had the same vision and this happened over a small coffee break.

The 3 major P’s in a women’s lifecycle – Periods, PCOS and Pregnancy are the most common topic spoken and discussed in every women health forum, blogs. Posts, videos, magazines and interviews. I wanted to make use of ingenious technology to help women take care of themselves and not just talk about it. I wanted to begin with pregnancy since I believe that time a woman needs utmost support and an extra push(pun intended) at every level physically, mentally and financially. Ta-da! Happy Birthday Mind&Mom!

About Mind&Mom
A one-stop app that wanted to provide Mindful Motherhood accessible to every pregnant woman out there. Right from capturing your baby’s birth journal and tracking his growth by listening to his heartbeat to getting positive affirmations through guided meditations. From providing hospital checklists and reminders to healthy and nourishing recipes. It also contains a quick read library of blogs where you can find some most commonly asked questions, topics of interest or the ones in trend. And yeah, how can a health blog not have the grandma pregnancy myths busted? Check them out to get amused!

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