Numerologist Gautham Azad

Gautham Azad, is an Engineer by Qualification and a Numerologist by Profession. He had the fascination for Numbers since early of 20s. What he did to revolutionize his life was change the way he spelt his name. He added “H” in his name, once the vibrations of his new name kicked in, Gautham Azad sat back and started enjoying the success, name and fame this simple transformation brought about in his destiny. Before that he had a very bumpy ride, could start well, reach top and again roll down in his corporate career.

He has been invited as speaker in many corporates, startup companies, has been instrumental in Product Name, LOGO Design and the colour of LOGO. He believes that usage of Blue color helps Employees to make less mistakes.

He is the one who predicted Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th Century. He predicted for Jharkhand CM Raghuvar Das becoming the 6th CM of Jharkhand to J Jayalalithaa again coming back to power for the 4th times in 2016, when whole media and political pundits had predicted NO COME BACK for her.

He attributes J Jayalalithaa coming out of Disproportionate Asset case to her name change. Many Bollywood stars have changed the spelling of their name. The science of Numerology is not limited to Politicians, Industrialists, and corporate houses also to common man.  He is a trusted advisor to successful Industrialists, Businessmen, Corporate houses and renowned politicians and famous Bollywood celebrities.

What started out as passion, turned into full-fledged profession in 2014, when he decided to quit his Job with an MNC and start a full time Numerology consultancy under the Brand name of NummeroBay Since then he has been instrumental in changing a lot of people’s destiny with the help of the Powerful science of Numerology

It is fascinating how he works. All GAUTHAM AZAD needs to know is your birth date and the spelling of your name. And his mind starts calculating all the numbers and connects it with your favorable and non-favorable planets and then decodes it with number. He won’t ask for your horoscope or your lines of your palm. He does not ask to pick up a card in tarot reading.  He does all the computing in his mind. Coming up with your Lucky number, planet and lucky color.. He does all in front of you when you are talking to him. His solutions are as simple as adding an extra alphabet in your name or deleting an alphabet in your name. He would suggest you to avoid black and wear more of Blue and Yellow for success

The limitations of one’s date of birth(DOB) can be overcome by modification of the name by adding or deleting of alphabets to arise on fortunate numbers! Challenging names are much more likely to attract obstacles and difficulties. On the other hand, a fortunate current name (in harmonious vibration with our DOB numbers) paves a clear and much easier road towards success, peace of mind and happiness. He states that “If we change our name’s spelling and use our lucky numbers, then, we are ruled by Numbers which are lucky for us. So they change the destiny and bring good luck in our life” But, then he consistently mentions that ‘there is no substitute for hard work ‘. Success is combination of hard work and good fortune.

His Engineering Background allows him to practice it more as a science than superstition. It is a noble profession wherein he brings happiness on peoples face.

He is singularly responsible for changing the destinies of many in India and abroad with just a small shift in the way people’s names are spelt or by changing the spelling of their name and favorite color. And the magic starts happening in individual life. That’s is why his consultation is in demand by Politicians, Corporates houses, entrepreneurs, Business man and most important common man.

NummeroBay Numerology Consultation – No. 5A, NummeroBay House, Tata Nagar, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore 560094 Contact +91-9845422809


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