Meet, Nisha Bhasin,
She began her journey into the unknown world of the mystic in 2015 and her life took a turn that she could not have possibly imagined. When someone comes to her for a reading, she hopes they walk away feeling positive, with a sense of clarity regarding the problem they came in for.

Nisha & her Husband used to follow a tarot reader 10 years before she herself started with this journey. At that time too the cards used to attract her towards them and she would find each reading new and magical. There was something which was pulling her towards Tarot and one fine day she decided to take it on completely and with her intuitive capabilities, energy & vibes try to help and guide as many as she can.

If you are stuck in any situation Tarot can help you come out of it. Her approach towards her clients is to get them clear solutions and answers so my readings are very detailed and insightful.

“By the Grace of God my this journey has been highly satisfying and rewarding. Each an every person who becomes a client remains a client forever. And once they resonate with the readings they let their friends, family, relatives know about it and they in turn become my clients too. Initially I had this thing about I can’t talk about myself or market myself talking about what I do as I wanted my work or my readings to talk themselves. So finally decided to market myself on all the Social Media Platforms to gain awareness. Thanks to the Almighty & Universe been getting good response. And also my clients or the people who follow me instantly connect with me and my page and have always got positive feedback. In Gratitude always for the same !! “

Numerology and Tarot work wonders together. It helps you getting a deeper understanding and brings in a lot of clarity in all spheres of your life. I also provide remedies like crystal healing, spells and switch words which helps you manifest and get what you want.
Join her for a Tarot Session to feel the vibe and the positive energy.

You can call her on 9910104860
“Love & Light to all”


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