If we are open to listening, there are stories around us. All we need is an eye that sees beyond the surface, ears that can hear what is not being told and a heart that is filled with compassion. And who better than a mother to do this fine job of understanding inscrutable human beings and bringing out their stories.

A determined lady – Founder of website a platform for the common man, where we feature stories of common man and inspiring people. The website is ranked in top 20 storytelling platforms.

Promoted brands through storytelling. Made her 4 years old dead FB Account into one of the most engaging profile with some distinguished people & 4000+ followers on her personal profile.

She has been working DIGITALLY from home, last 10+ years with proven results and a successful career graph. In PR, branding, and digital marketing also she had written for the esteemed TOI online NRI column, Amar Ujala as a content strategist. She has been a speaker at various women start-up and entrepreneurship forums.
Found her calling with digital storytelling venture, which has helped several people getting recognized personally and professionally. Crafting a better career and brand building. Some of our stories have reached UN and Harvard university. Appreciated by All India radio, and awarded as WOW Ms. SOCIAL MEDIA INSPIERE, also by Herstory Times. She is today leading the way as social media influencer, digital momprenure.

Her team has disabled writers, passionate moms and students.

Previously she had a fortuitous career transition from healthcare administrator, to a content strategy consultant. A mom and an author. She was associated with International and Indian magazines. Written for Amar Ujala and Jindal Industries. She is an inspiration for lots of homemaker mom, she is being a speaker at various platforms and universities about mental health, positivity, personal branding, storytelling best way to market brands. Indeed she is leading the way with grace and aura!

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