Neha Behl – A Young Indian Emerging Icon

Meet Neha Behl Founder & CEO of HOUSE OF HANDMADE. ( @_houseofhandmade_ )
She had a commerce background in college and simultaneously she was pursuing Company Secretary back then. Eventually, she joined a Chartered Accountancy firm and she was associated with the firm for the past six (6) years. Responsible for handling all the statutory and legal compliances her journey at the firm has helped her evolve as a person.

Being associated with this firm makes her realise how much she loves the corporate environment and how much she loves her job. While corporate culture makes life chaotic & hectic we all do need a space where we can relax and be calm. This is how she gave herself self a chance during the first lock-down to know about various skin-care products. And once her interest developed there was no looking back, her interest drove her towards following various videos and reading a lot of material on the internet.

Neha took one step forward in this direction and took an online class. Gradually her interest developed and she started making the soaps and perfumes in her kitchen and sent sample boxes across to her family & friends for feedback. Experimenting with oils & fragrances increased her fascination with the subject and she dug deep into the subject.

Neha started the business rather very recently. She guess the lockdown gave her time to slow down and think more seriously about her plans for creating House of Handmade. With the confidence of her loved ones in her Neha decided to give it a go and launch it as her brand.

House of HANDMADE is a brand that offers various skin-care products that are all handmade. They have launched few products under our umbrella such as soaps, perfumes- spray & solid, lip balms, lip-scrubs, oils (rose & lavender fragrances), body-butter and sugar scrubs. Neha’s aim towards creating a platform which shall be considered one stop shop for such handmade products.

Through House of HANDMADE, she have given herself the chance of creating something unique which will always belong to her, will always be her baby and her creation.

Neha – “From launching House of HANDMADE to ensuring it creates a name for itself; the journey is not less than a mixed bag of emotions- nervous, excitement and fear. Every coin has two sides, and I think my other side also knows that I am going to love every part and phase of this journey”
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  1. I have done Marketing Management. Consider me for the marketing Beta. Wish you a grand success.
    Entrepreneurs come out in limelight like this only.
    Wishing you more success ladders in your career 👍🏻

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