Mukta Bahrani – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

🌟 Mukta Bahrani is a Corporate trainer, an Image Consultant and a Life Coach. She guides people to become better and successful, personally and professionally by working on their Communication, Personal Development Skills and Branding. She specializes in Soft Skills and Behavioural Skills, and Emotional intelligence.

🌟 She started her career as an IT professional, and worked with renowned MNCs. But she wanted to do something more for people around, something more meaningful and impactful. So she took a beautiful turn in life and moved on to work with people to create a strong personal brand, a great style, and enhance their lives by developing highly important skills to become successful in their personal and professional life.

🌟 She has trained more than 6000 people in last 5 years. She associates with companies, organisations, institutes and also does 1 to 1 sessions with individuals from varied backgrounds.

🌟 She has recently been featured in a business magazine and a global online women’s platform.

🌟 Mukta has also received ‘Youth Leadership’ award and ‘Proud Woman’ award and has been featured in 12 forums for her work.

Connect with her to book trainings or sessions.

IG – @muktabahrani

linkedin – Mukta Bahrani

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