Mr.Paanwala – A World’s Most Popular Paanwala

As a child Mehul Patel grew up with the fragrance of homemade Paan. He was 9 years old when he learnt Asthe art of making Paan from his grandmother.

She made them with precision and it was a treat to watch her picking out different ingredients swiftly and putting just right amount of each into the betel leaf.

So at a very young age he was drawn towards the tastes of Paan.

The explosion of flavors, sharp bite of leaf, hit of menthol and satisfying sweetness of gooey gulkand.

After that, he began experimenting with various flavors and mouth fresheners, which he served to his friends and family. They all loved it and began calling him Mr. Paanwala.

Having followed his gut instincts, he started Paan Casa with an international touch in 2018 with the aim of serving traditional Paan and has never looked back.

Paan Casa is a unique family oriented Paan café where they not only sell Paans, but also hold live events, gather for art exhibitions and are the first tobacco-free Paan café in the world that offers over 100 products made from Paans..

Today Mr.Paanwala and Paan Casa is world’s fastest growing brands based on Paan with multiple outlets in India, UK, and USA.

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