Mr. Lakshmipathy N M

Mr. Lakshmipathy N M the founder and CEO of HSN – Hair transplant center has been in the health care industry for almost 3 decades. Looking at today’s younger generation he noticed that baldness has become a quite serious problem. Accidently, he came across a relative who went under depression due to a hair loss issue, he observed that he stopped socializing and lost his confidence.

Hence, Lakshmipathy decided to find a solution for these people which should be permanent and affordable too. As hair transplantation is an expensive treatment but Mr. Lakshmipathy with his experience, knowledge, and contacts he came up with the lowest price so that almost all people can afford the charge.

He established HSN last year in February 2020 at Bangalore and they got so well response that within a span of one year they have opened one more branch at Coimbatore. HSN offers a completely pain-free treatment for Scalp/Eyebrow/Beard hair transplantation.

HSN is known for Natural hairline with high density which ends up to the super results. They offer the best results for hair transplant surgery in India at an unbelievable price of Rs.10/- per graft with no hidden charges.

They have highly qualified Dermato-Surgeons with years of experience that ensures the best service is given to all clients. The clinic is we-equipped with all kinds of machinery as well as it also has well-furnished rooms with food for the clients that are included in Rs.10/- per graft.

HSN is considered to be the best center as no other center offers such a good service at such a low cost.

HSN gives all the facilities under one roof:

– Offers free resting area for post-operative care.
– Offers complete secrecy of customer’s information.
– It has a transparent billing policy – No additional cost or no hidden charges are applicable


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