About Madhurika

A conservationist, globetrotter, hobbyist poet and an avid animal lover, I have a keen interest in sustainability and animal welfare. After completing my MA in Graphic Branding from University of Arts, London I got back in 2018. Since then, I have been a Freelance Graphic Designer, and I like to work on projects that have a positive and sustainable impact on lifestyles.

Idea behind Go Bandanas India

The idea behind Go Bandanas India is that every pet parent should feel even more closer to their pets. We want the parents to think about the likes, interests and character of every pet. And that is exactly what we want to showcase on their accessories. We believe every pet has a story. There is no pet accessories company in India, who customize the prints on pet bandanas on this level.

About Go Bandanas India

Our heart beats for obnoxious bright colours, quirky patterns, creative typography and super graphical backgrounds. All in one big mismatch? Or mix-match? DESIGN HAS NO RULES. NOR DO OUR PETS. We aim to make people think and talk about their pets. To constantly remind them how special they are! We specialise in customized accessories for pets and pet parents. #BananasOverBandanas
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