LAKSHYA SRIVASTAVA – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid of failure. Courage means you don’t let the fear stop you to become successful.”

Meet Lakshya Srivastava from New Delhi, Founder of Creation By Lakshya –

Lakshya began her professional career with an aviation company as a human resource recruiter after completing her BBA and MBA in Human resource Management.

Since the beginning, she had a passion for working independently and wanted to build her own business.

Keeping her job was making it difficult for her to pursue her desire to be independent and launch her own business since 9-5 culture and a busy schedule kept her schedule so hectic.

Although she had a keen interest and good knowledge of the fashion industry, she was unable to implement anything due to her full-time job. She later decided to leave the job she was working for and commit to her dream. In the end, her efforts paid off. She successfully created her clothing brand name as “Creations by Lakshya”.

She runs a lifestyle, food, and fashion blog on Instagram under the name lakshya5086.

For what she has achieved today, she is very thankful to her parents for their support, and her only aim is to make them proud and achieve her dream.

Lakshya is still working hard to accomplish milestones and targets. She will also be launching her own cosmetics brand soon.

@lakshya5086 @creations_by_lakshya__

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