Kuvalaya Jain – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Meet kuvalaya jain, Founder and CEO of Devatvaa. She is a Psychologist by training, a Tarot reader and a counselor. Since her family is in business, her father has been both her greatest critic and her biggest supporter.

Detailed evaluation of her soap and skincare products that help her determine the right kind of effect for every product. Their soaps are free from harmful chemicals and the youngest customer was 3 years old who is now 4 years old. Their oldest customer is 83 years old.

Kuvalaya is having 6+ years in skin care she started this as an hobby. she used to gift her organic products to her freinds and she received a great positive feedback from them and that was the point she founded her own brand “Devatvaa”.

The journey has so far been overwhelming with orders coming in at night and deliveries having to be made in the morning. It has been like a baby blossoming into an adult.

They consider what they include in their product to be food-safe, since if you can’t eat it, why would anyone want to apply it to face? So they make sure all of our ingredients are edible and safe even for babies.


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